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Shubaily Grand Mall, Khobar
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Waterproofing is the treatment to surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure.
The water proofing must keep the water from penetrating into the building.
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The extreme daytime heat and the rapid drop in night time temperatures in the Middle-east induces thermal stress/shocks to the Building structure which makes it essential to have special attention to the insulation needs of the structures and particularly to the roofing system. More Info...
Concrete is the protecting element from the forces of nature, which in turn is subjected to the design flaws, incorrect construction practices, and harsh climatic conditions and in due course falls victim to corrosion of reinforcement and softening of concrete. More Info...
The growing concern over the contamination of valuable water resources and fluid migration to sub surface soils and ground water has resulted in the increased awareness of demand for geomembranes. More Info...

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