Waterproofing is the treatment to surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure. The water proofing must keep the water from penetrating into the building.
The most popular roofing system in the Middle-east is the IRMA or the inverted membrane roofing assembly where the insulation board is placed over the waterproofing membranes, protecting it from the extreme thermal variations. IRMA Inverted roofing system keeps the membrane and roof structure warm, eliminating the risk of surface and interstitial condensation.
In Conventional roofing system the Insulation is placed under the roofing membrane assembly.

Water proofing may be performed by the following methods/materials:

1. Conventional Built Up Roofing System
2. Elastomeric Single Ply Roofing
3. Plastomeric Single Ply Membranes
4. Polymer Modified Bituminous Membranes
   4.1.Torch On Membranes
   4.2.Self Adhesive Memebranes

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