Polymer Modified Bituminous Membranes

Bituminous membranes are classified into two categories:

1. Torch On Membranes
2. Self Adhesive Memebranes

Torch On Membranes

Modified bitumen membranes are composed of polymer modified bitumen and layer/s of reinforcing material. The polymer modifier imparts low temperature flexibility and improves high temperature properties. Reinforcing material lends its elasticity and strength.

Polymer modified bitumen roof systems are viable and offer broad product diversity. The polymer may be APP or SBS. APP is a thermoplastic polymer and has higher resistance to UV degradation whereas SBS is a synthetic rubber and has the thermoplastic and elastic phase imparting lower temperature flexibility.

Torch on membranes use propane or liquefied petroleum gas to fuel the torch flame which heats the underside of the membrane as the membrane is adhered to the substrate.

Self Adhesive Membranes:

Cold applied prefabricated self adhering membranes are used for super and sub-structure waterproofing works.

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