Damp-Proofing is the treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water in the absence of hydrostatic pressure. Damp-proofing is essentially employed to prevent moisture from wicking through the structure.

Pond Lining, Basements, Swimming Pools, Reservoirs, Bathrooms, Fountains, Planter Boxes, Under Passes are some of the areas where damp-proofing system is essentially installed.

Double layer bituminous membranes reinforced with minimum 200 gsm are used along with bitumen impregnated fiber boards and or nonwoven geotextile membranes as protection layers to create a complete tanking system for Basements, Swimming pools, Water tanks, Underpasses, Tunnel linings and other sub-structures.

Also Elastomeric membranes – EPDM, Hypalon, PVC and Self Adhesive bituminous membranes are also commonly used for damp-proofing works.

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