Polyurethane Foam

These are available in two categories: Rigid prefab boards of different densities and sprayed in situ for seamless application.

Rigid roof insulation boards consist of PUR –Polyurethane and PIR-Polyisocyanurate foam boards laminated with different types of facing to suit the need of the waterproofing system.
Sprayed polyurethane foam is a foamed plastic material produced by mixing two part chemical liquid – poly-isocyanurate and polyol that is spray applied by airless spray method to decks.

The two component mixture reacts chemically and immediately expands when applied through specialized equipments to form closed cell foam. Foam rises and sets into a solid and a skin forms on the surface providing thermal and water resistant surface. Liquid applied protective elastomeric paints are recommended on spray applied polyurethane to protect from UV degradation.

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